There’s no doubt about the fact that Magento is the best free eCommerce platform on the planet. It has excellent out of the box features and is also very SEO friendly, enabling your site to rank well on search engines. However there’s always room for improvement so if you are looking to give your Magento website’s search rankings an extra boost, we highly recommend using the Magento SEO extensions we have shared below.

SEO Suite Pro – $149.00

SEO Suite Pro Magento extension

SEO Suite Pro Magento extension

SEO Suite Pro is a comprehensive Magento module that comes with a fantastic set of SEO tools for on page optimisation. What’s great about this extension is that it’s suitable for both SEO beginners and pros. The SEO Suite Pro extension can be used to:

  • Eliminate duplicate content issues
  • Set indexation rules for search engines
  • Generate and upload HTML and XML sitemaps

Layered Navigation Pro – $109.00

User experience is one of the signals Google uses when indexing websites and determining search ranking positions. One way to ensure your site is offering a great user experience is to offer simple and flexible navigation options. Layered Navigation Pro gives you the power to do just that.

This extension is designed to help customers find the products they need quickly. By allowing them to indicate all the product parameters at once, they can narrow down their choice and complete their purchase in record time. By offering a better user experience, Layered Navigation Pro can help you to boost your Magento website’s SEO.

SEO – Advanced SEO Suite – $149.00

The Advanced SEO Suite gives you complete control over your Magento store’s SEO and greatly improves its performance in search engines. It does this by allowing you to optimise specific categories and product groups for specific search terms on a template. As well as optimising key phrases, the Advanced SEO Suite can also be used to optimise URLs, create canonical URLs and optimise your sitemap.

Other features that come with this Magento SEO extension include:

  • Generation of product image alt tags by template
  • Support for Google Rich Snippets and Opengraph
  • Automatic creation of SEO Internal Crosslinks
  • SEO Robots.txt editor

Blog Pro – $119.00

It doesn’t matter which products or services you sell; either way you will greatly benefit from having a blog. Creating blog content is one of the best ways to build up customers’ trust in your brand. It also has major SEO benefits, which can help you to increase the search rankings of your Magento website.

Blog Pro is a powerful blogging module for Magento. It allows you to create responsively designed posts featuring thumbnails, images, videos and other content, which will make your blog an informative and interesting place for your customers. Posting content using Blog Pro will also keep search engine spiders coming back to your website, giving you the opportunity to increase your rankings on a regular basis.

The Blog Pro Magento extension is fully integrated with social media, so you won’t need any extra tools to let your customers share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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CreareSEO – Free

Magento is already a very SEO friendly platform; however you can further optimise your eCommerce store using the additional features and settings provided by the CreareSEO extension. The CreareSEO extension will help you combat SEO issues such as duplicate content and unwanted 404 pages. It also comes with a wide range of features including a sitemap creator, performance clean-up script and an SEO checking page, which help you to keep on top of your Magento website’s SEO.


Some Magento SEO extensions offer an all-in-one solution (the suites) whereas others target specific areas. It’s up to you which extensions you choose but always check the ratings and reviews first. For SEO tips or more information about Magento marketing and SEO, please get in touch.