Are you looking to spruce up your Magento website and increase its functionality? Check out our July Magento Extension picks from the Magento Connect Store. There’s bound to be at least one that will have you hitting that Install Now button!

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Popular Magento extensions

1)   One Page Checkout – Free

If you find that customers are frequently abandoning their online shopping carts, you may want to install the One Page Checkout extension for Magento. This will cleverly reduce the six step checkout on your Magento website to a single step.

Reducing the amount of steps and pages customers have to go to will make the process much quicker and simpler for them. They’ll feel like they’re not giving you as much info (even if they are), which will make them much more comfortable in completing the transaction.

The extension is free to install, so why not give it a go and see if it makes a difference to your conversions?

2)   Bronto Extension for Magento – Free

Bronto has been ranked as the number one email marketing provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000, so if you want to get serious about your email marketing, this is the extension for you.

The Bronto extension for Magento is designed to help merchants drive sales faster and increase customer loyalty by creating targeted marketing campaigns. It comes with a number of great features including conversion tracking, product recommendations, abandoned cart reminders and much, much more, to help you take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

Market Magento through email campaigns

Magento email marketing

3)   Advanced Reports by aheadWorks – $149.00

The only way to make good decisions for your business is to base them on the facts. Of course, in order to do this, you need to make sure you are collecting reliable information.

Whilst there are many reporting solutions out there, the Advanced Reports extension by aheadWorks is arguably one of the best. It will help you extract, organise and analyse data from your store, giving you a clear picture of your business’s performance.

It’s not the cheapest of Magento extensions but we think you’ll find it is well worth your investment.

4)   Yotpo Product Reviews – Free

The Yotpo Product Reviews Magento extension is designed to help merchants turn visitors into shoppers. Product reviews are great for helping to build customers trust in your company. This extension will help you generate tons of them for your store, which will in turn drive qualified traffic and conversions.

The extension is free to install and will take you no longer than five minutes!

5)   Simple Google Shopping – €50

If you want to take advantage of Google’s free shopping service that allows users to find and compare products online, then be sure to install the Simple Google Shopping extension for Magento.
This extension, which costs just €50 will enable you to easily submit all of your Magento store’s products to Google Shopping, so your customers can find your website easily and quickly

6)   Zendesk – Free

Part of making your eCommerce business a success involves offering an excellent service. This is something that Zendesk can help you deliver to each and every customer.

If you are a new or existing Zendesk customer it’s well worth installing the app for your store. It will enable you to create support tickets without leaving Magento and add a user-friendly web widget to your site.

7)   Springbot – Free

If you are keen to install an extension that can help you with marketing data collection and analysis but don’t want to splash out on Advanced Reports by aheadWorks then Springbot will make a great, free alternative.

Springbot provides you with automated analysis, so you can turn your data into actionable marketing campaigns. It will track results and help you generate an even better ROI from your marketing efforts.

8)   Sales Tax Extension for Avalara’s AvaTax – Free

The Avalara Sales Tax Extension is designed to help you tackle your sales tax challenges. It provides a fast, easy and accurate way to calculate sales tax, manage exemption certifications, file returns and remit payments across multiple tax regions.

If you are struggling to manage sales tax in house but can’t afford to outsource, this extension provides the perfect solution. Use it to automatically apply over 100,000 taxability rules to the Magento transactions that take place on your store.

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Image credits: bizbuzzmedia and Jurgen Appelo