If you are in the process of getting your new eCommerce business off the ground, you may need to think outside of the box in terms of marketing. Sure SEO, email marketing and social media marketing are all very important but if you are looking to give your strategy an extra boost, why not consider affiliate marketing? Here we’ve provided a quick guide to affiliate marketing and how to set it up for your Magento website.

Affiliate Marketing with Magento

Increase traffic and conversions on your Magento site with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a bit like referral marketing but affiliate marketing participants are financially driven. It basically involves motivating people to promote your business in return for a financial result. Users will often place affiliate links to your product pages on their blogs, social media pages and in emails to encourage people to make a purchase from your site. For every purchase made as a result of their affiliate link, they will be paid a percentage of the sale price.

Benefits of Magento affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can really help you to spread the word about your new Magento website. If your product links are being embedded on relevant websites and blogs, it’s likely you’ll get an increased amount of target traffic visiting your eCommerce store. The more people that visit your Magento website, the higher chance of making conversions.

Affiliate marketing is also a great way of creating relationships with customers, bloggers and influencers. By rewarding them for their help in marketing your brand, you stand a good chance of gaining their loyalty and long-term custom.

Magento affiliate marketing modules

The easiest way to set up affiliate marketing is with Magento extensions. Below we’ve shared two of the top recommended Magento modules.

Affiliate by Magestore – $99.00

Affiliate by Magestore is a top affiliate Magento extension that provides you with six different referral methods and four methods for merchants to pay commission to their affiliates. Using the affiliate module, you can customise the commission type to be either a fixed rate or percentage of a sale. You can also decide whether the affiliate gets a lifetime percentage of sales from a customer they have referred or just a percentage based on the first sale. The extension comes with an easy-to-use panel where you can manage affiliate sales.

Affiliate by Aheadworks – $99.00

Affiliate by Aheadworks makes it easy for you to organise pay per sale affiliate marketing for your Magento eCommerce store. With this module, you’ll also be able to change your payment settings and decide how much you are going to pay your affiliates. Different rules can be set up for different advertising campaigns e.g. fixed percentage rate, tiered percentage, fixed amount or tier amount.

Magento affiliate marketing is great for your eCommerce store and with Magento modules like this it’s easier than ever before. For more information about Magento marketing and SEO get in touch with the Magento eCommerce Agency team.


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