Earlier we explained how it was possible to create coupon codes in Magento, however you may be wondering, how you can apply your coupons to a specific category of products. For example, say you sold three categories of products, A, B and C but only wanted to offer a discount on products in category B.

By setting up a shopping cart price rule with conditions, it will mean that if a customer has products from categories A and B in their basket, the discount will only be applied to those in category B.


1 - Login

To set up the shopping cart price rule, login to your admin panel and go to Promotions > Shopping Cart Rules.

2 - Add New Rule

Then click ‘Add New Rule’ and fill in the discount information.

3 - Add Conditions
Once you have done this go to ‘Conditions’ and click the + button. There you will be able to create a specific type of condition and in this case we want it to be ‘Product Attribute Combination.’
4 - Select Category
From there you will need to click the + button again and select the category of products you want to apply to the discount to. You can also add individual SKUs if you only want the discount to be applied to certain products in a specific category.
5 - Click Save
Once you have finished adding the conditions, click Save and your coupon code will be ready to use.