As of 21st April 2015, Google will be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. A new algorithm has been designed to elevate the rankings of responsive websites, allowing them to benefit from a higher position on mobile SERPs.

Whilst the Google algorithm won’t be penalising non mobile-friendly websites, they will struggle to maintain a good ranking on mobile search results, especially if their competitors have responsive websites. The good news is that if you’re using Magento, going responsive is easier than ever before!

Magento Responsive Web Design

Magento makes responsive design and Google algorithm compliance easy.

Magento Responsive Design

Back in May last year it was announced that Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 and Magento Community Edition 1.9 would utilise a number of new features to help businesses grow. One of its most notable features was the new responsive design theme, which would allow Magento sites to automatically adapt to the devices they are viewed on.

The great thing about Magento offering responsive themes as standard, is that it significantly reduces the time and costs associated with getting a responsive site. This means that merchants can take advantage of the increasing demand for mobile commerce and provide their customers with a solution that meets their needs.

Magento Mobile Friendly Websites

All Magento websites can benefit from utilising responsive design.

Why responsive?

Although Magento users could build a separate mobile site for their eCommerce store, it makes little sense to, especially with the new responsive feature. Responsive design is considered the best mobile solution for the majority of merchants, as it allows them to build and maintain a single site that serves all devices, rather than having to manage multiple sites.

Responsive design has also been proven to boost conversions, as customers feel they are offered a better experience. Being able to adapt to any device, means that a responsive Magento website can deliver a seamless shopping experience, no matter whether the customer is using a mobile, laptop, smartphone or PC.

Another benefit of using responsive design is that it allows you to future proof your Magento eCommerce store against new device launches. Even if a new device is launched in the next few years, you can have the peace of mind that your Magento website will already have the in-built technology to optimise itself appropriately.

SEO benefits of Magento responsive design

Google’s new mobile search algorithm will work in real time, so if you’re already using a responsive Magento theme, you can expect to see your rankings increase in mobile searches from 21st April. Magento responsive design makes Google algorithm compliance super easy!

Whilst the new Google algorithm is currently being applied to mobile searches only, it is thought that it could be rolled out on a wider scale in the future, especially since Google is keen to cater for its growing mobile audience. The good news is that using Magento responsive design is a great way to boost your SEO anyway.

For a long while, Google has been singing responsive designs praises and calling it best practice, so you can assume that they’re going to favour sites that utilise it. The fact responsiveness also contributes to a positive user experience and low bounce rates also suggests to Google and other search engines that your site is one of the better ones out there. Providing you supply great content and have a well functioning website (which you should do if you’re using Magento) there’s no reason why you can’t achieve fantastic SEO results.


If you’re using Magento responsive design, there’s no need to panic about the upcoming Google algorithm launch, as it’s going to help not harm your site!

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Image credits: KPL IT Solutions and TruckPR