Magento announced the launch of Enterprise Edition 1.14.2. As with any update, we expected a number of fixes and changes. Magento has gone one better though by making several new developments that enhance the capability of Magento Enterprise and make it even more appealing to growing businesses.

Visual Merchandiser updates

One of the biggest changes comes in the form of an updated visual merchandiser. In its new version of Enterprise Edition, Magento has created five additional product category sorting rules, which give merchants increased power to increase customer conversions and engagement.

By applying sorting rules, merchants can organise their products in a number of different ways such as by best selling, lowest stock, highest-margin, newest products and colour. This means that merchants can ensure their customers are seeing the products they are looking to push first. If they’re at the top of the page, they’re more likely to catch their eye. Sorting products also makes it easier for customers to browse products, especially if they are looking for an item from the ‘new in’ section or require an item in a particular colour.

The new visual merchandiser is capable of making automatic adjustments to maintain the merchandising strategy, e.g. product amendments, additions and deletions. This means merchants can have the peace of mind that their sorting rules are being applied, without having to intervene on a regular basis.

Google Tag Manager

The new version of Magento Enterprise Edition also comes with a Google Tag Manager, making it easier for merchants to include tracking tags on their Magento site. Tracking tags allow merchants to measure their audience and are also great for personalisation and re-targeting. With this information, merchants can ensure they are delivering the most relevant marketing information to customers via email and re-targeting, giving them a higher chance of increasing their conversions.

A great aspect of the Google Tag Manager functionality is that merchants won’t have to wait for their developer or IT team to help them. Merchants can easily add their own tags and get the information they need to support their marketing campaigns.

Another key benefit of the Google Tag Manager is that it allows the direct transfer of shopping events directly to Google Analytics or other preferred eCommerce and other analytical software. This enables merchants to understand how customers are interacting with their Magento website and how well certain products and marketing incentives are performing.

Technology updates

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 features the latest up to date version of the Zend 1 Framework and also includes Redis integration. It also includes enhancements to caching functionality, this enables a higher number of pages to be served from cache, thus speeding up loading times.

security of your Magento website

Improve the security of your Magento website by installing the latest version of Enterprise.

Why update?

With all of these fantastic new features, the question should be, why wouldn’t you update? But if the new features aren’t enough to tempt you, we definitely recommend updating to the latest version of Enterprise Edition for security reasons. Newer versions are always more secure and can prevent your Magento website getting hacked by pesky cyber-criminals!

Community users feeling a little left out?

Don’t worry, Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 is on its way! Magento has said that the new version of the Community Edition is expected to be available in eh next few weeks to download. This will feature a number of important updates, as well as a number of valuable enhancements.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what it has to offer!

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Image credits: gotcredit and perspec_photo88