We’re just over half way through 2015 and what a year it’s been so far! All sorts of new technologies and ideas have been developing in the world of eCommerce, so we thought we’d take a look at five of the top trends expected to dominate the rest of the year.

Magento enables mobile shopping

Magento for eCommerce shopping on mobiles

1)   Mobile commerce

One of the biggest revelations of 2014 was that a third of eCommerce orders were coming from mobile shoppers. In 2015, this percentage is set to get even bigger, with predictions of mobile sales reaching $120 billion by the end of the year.

In order to take advantage of the growing trend for mobile commerce, you need to ensure that your eCommerce website has a mobile-friendly or responsive web design. This will ensure that you can deliver the optimal user experience to your customers, no matter what device they are browsing from.

2)   Social shopping

Social commerce sales are expected to reach $30 billion this year, with 50% of online sales taking place via social media. Facebook currently drives around 26% of referrals to websites, showing just how essential social media is to your eCommerce strategy.

Focusing on customer engagement rather than brand promotion is the key to creating a beneficial social shopping experience. Use your social media channels as communication tools and share valuable content with your followers. The more of an industry expert you appear on social media, the more likely customers will be to visit your eCommerce site and buy your products.

3)   Same day delivery

Speedy delivery will continue to play a significant role in eCommerce throughout the rest of the year. Whereas in the past it was a huge advantage for eCommerce businesses to offer next day delivery options, now the majority of customers expect it.

Customers’ demands for speedy delivery have become even bigger, with the introduction of same day delivery by the likes of Amazon and other larger e-tailers.

Whilst offering same day delivery is still out of the question for many smaller eCommerce retailers, they need to seriously think about speeding up their order fulfilment and delivery options, in order to keep customers satisfied.

4)   Personalised marketing

It takes a lot to impress customers these days, so you need to make sure your digital marketing is on point and the best way to do this is through personalisation.

eCommerce marketing with Magento

Market with Magento

This year, personalised marketing has dominated the eCommerce industry, with brands eager to impress their customers with content and offers tailored to their individual needs. Whether you’re sending out a marketing email or creating a landing page, using customer data to personalise your content is a great way to not only engage customers but also capture their business and loyalty.

5)   Wearable technology

This year we have seen the launch of the highly anticipated Apple Watch, as well as other wearable technology. It’s one of the biggest trends in the digital world right now and will no doubt have a significant impact on the eCommerce industry.

Wearable devices potentially add another channel for eCommerce retailers to take advantage of. They are transforming the act of shopping from something that requires a conscious effort to more of a natural activity like eating. This is something that merchants need to consider when designing their sites and marketing their products.

Providing timely updates, real-time content and apps for wearables is a great way to embrace the new technology and take advantage of the eCommerce opportunities it provides.

This year has seen some great eCommerce trends so far and we are interested to see how they develop over the remaining months of 2015. Keep reading our blog posts for the latest developments and for everything Magento call us today. For our latest 2018 eCommerce predictions article, please read: https://ecommercedesign.agency/ecommerce-predictions-trends.


Image credits: Jason A. Howie and Images from SumAll